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Janice Ndegwa

Ph.D. Student in History, admitted Autumn 2021
BA History and African Studies, Mount Holyoke College, USA. 2011
MSc Global Health and Development, University College London, UK. 2014

Janice studies the history of science and technology, religion, mobilities, and the environment in East and Central Africa. She is particularly interested in locating contemporary technological developments within longer regional histories by examining the technological entanglements, mobilities and environmental changes in the region from the eighteenth century into the present. She is passionate about participatory and emancipatory processes of knowledge production, acquisition, and dissemination, especially at the grassroots, and how they translate into personal and social transformation. Using interdisciplinary approaches, she has explored these themes within the fields of education, global health and development, gender and women’s studies, and agriculture and environmental sustainability, through academic and professional experiences in the U.S., U.K. Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, Mauritius, and Israel.